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The zeta phi beta sorority was founded in 1920 by five girls who contested the pre-established norms of black sororities. The sorority aimed to promote a high standard for scholarships with different programs. Focusing on things like combating injustice, racial prejudice, and improve financial scenarios of poverty-stricken communities, humanity and especially as a whole. The sorority shows their culture and values through active involvement in campus and community improvement endeavors.

The Zeta Phi Beta company’s aim lies in the progression of the American community and improving the quality of life. It is established in 1920 in the Howard University campus, Washington D.C., as a sister organization to the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. With more than 100,000 members with over 500 undergraduate and alumnae chapters across the planet, women can become members via undergraduate chapters at colleges or universities or via alumnae chapters after earning a degree. Zeta Phi Beta is also the sole sorority that’s constitutionally bound to a fraternity. It’s gained popularity with all such achievements through the years. To generate further details on Uniquegreek please go to

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