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What’s 3D sublimation? It’s a technique to move colors on work piece. Especially, the consumer’s design is first printed on a film build-up by In.deco from the certain digital printer. After the colors are changed into the thing by the passage in ovens in temperatures. Even the abbreviation of”3D” is”3 dimensions”: it is the enormous added value of the sublimation made by In.deco Serigrafia, the capacity to publish on any contour, even the extremely difficulty. The purchaser needs to provide the decoration to be printed into the graphic department that is interior.

Some of the advantages of UV screenprinting is that the utilizing of ultraviolet colors made within our own company. As compared to colours, UV inks have the benefit of drying with no aid of ovens. Another positive characteristic of UV screen printing is that the reproduction of print decorations, make sure it writings or small logos. The printing acquired is made of exceptional caliber on every surface, and the colors are glowing, brilliant, and opaque. Perhaps not only for these characteristics, the brands choose UV screen printing. Our UV screenprinting has potency, for example automation of this means of large quantities, loading, and unloading of items.

The machines in years has evolved. Gratitude into the Tampografia line which let you prints an object in three colors only. The feature has.To find supplementary information on Tampografia please see here

As mentioned above, the delicate items compose with UV varnishing are those in glass earlier treated with agents or who have remains of glass dust. Watch the page specialized in exciting and unique circumstances. When and why is the consumer, who asks for painting or other printing methods suggested by us? Like in cases painting is a must and irreplaceable we seldom recommend our clientele to use printing expertise.

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