This spray paste pressure vessel’s method

Customers can best compare a spray adhesive pressure vessel’s performance having an adhesive spray can. The pressure vessel comprises, among other things, propellant and rubber gas. By linking spray gun and a rubber hose, spray adhesive worked and can be coated straight back. Due to the special effect, the pressure vessel is sanded completely empty. Simply speaking, it has loss and no healing of glue. The rubber hose and connected to a pressure vessel that was new every time and the spray-gun are purchased once.


If a person works with Epdm Contactlijm Kopenadhesive in the pressure vessel system, then they will get the job done safely and cost-effectively. The customers will no more need a costly EPDM adhesive blower system. The EPDM adhesive gives glues and no sound waste. Fast, and without adhesive loss will be worked by the individual utilizing this having a EPDM paste system. It’s not hard to carry it anywhere, whether on a roof top or carport.

By completely emptying the spray adhesive pressure vessel it can change the spray adhesive pressure container. After draining the vessel close the tap of the spitting thyme pressure boat and then squeeze out the spray gun one more time and energy for you to release the pressure out of the spray hose. Disconnect the spray spout from the empty pressure container and connect it to a pressure vessel. After this, it resume the job and could instantly turn on the tap.

Properties of this contact adhesive it is a very strong bonding value, higher heat resistance, non-chlorine (NC), long open time, and also portable device, no waste.

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